The Battle Against Bullying

By | February 27, 2017

The scourge of bullying has been part of society for the better part of forever, yet has gained increasing awareness within the past two decades. The primary reason for that is because attempts at stopping it at its earliest stages have been in place within schools. Something that was once accepted by students, teachers and administrators alike has changed drastically, especially in light of student-based shootings directed by those that had been bullied.

Battle against bullying

Yet this sad phenomenon goes far beyond schoolyards and classrooms, with adults and vulnerable sectors of the population also being subjected to the whims of those in power. In many cases, psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony knows that this is usually present in the workplace. Here, supervisors or other upper management types knowingly inflict psychological pain on lower-level workers simply because of their respective positions.

For men, reactions to being the subject of constant verbal abuse are usually met with criticisms of being weak. When it comes to women, being subjected to things like frequent sexual harassment become a burdensome part of a job for those whose job prospects are limited.

Exploring the mindset of a bully means tapping into the likely large list of insecurities that are part of their life. It’s possible that they were once subject to being bullied and are now pushing forth their own measure of revenge. This is in spite of the simple fact that the individual being bullied wasn’t responsible for the previous issues, which is something that’s usually seen in cases of child abuse or domestic violence.

For those in a position to fight back, Patrick Mahony believes that disarming psychological ploys like thanking someone for an insult is the best way to address the issue. Such tactics throw off the bully which evens the psychological playing field.