Parental Discipline Offers No Surefire Answers

The long-held belief that sparing the rod spoils a child has undergone an upheaval over the past few decades. Some contemporary parents who grew up under strict disciplinarians have rejected that concept and focused on an approach that attempts to use reason as one of the major components of controlling their own children’s behavior. Others… Read More »

The Shifting Sands of Religious Adherence

Children that are raised in a religious atmosphere during their formative years will usually go in one of three directions as they grow up. Either they’ll continue to follow the tenets of whatever denomination in which they were raised, they’ll look to explore alternative options or they’ll simply reject the concept of praying to a… Read More »

Shining a Blue Light on Foul Language

One of the more immediate ways for someone to draw attention to themselves, albeit in an embarrassing way, is to openly use foul language in public. The basic reason stems from the simple fact that it’s considered poor manners to use what many people consider to be offensive words. The basis for such usage can… Read More »

The Mentality of a Plagiarist

Across the wide scope of the many fields that use the power of words to write reports and books or to give speeches, one of the lingering stains that seems to develop from time to time is that of plagiarism. The basic definition of this disdained practice is using someone else’s words without their permission,… Read More »