Rebounding from Job Loss Can Travel Different Roads

During certain economic times, the loss of a job can be expected because of an overall slowdown that affects the employment of individuals in a variety of different sectors. On other occasions, that job loss can seemingly come out of nowhere, putting a person in scrambling mode to keep their financial situation from deteriorating. Some… Read More »

Pain Over a Pet’s Death Can Twist Emotions

The death of an immediate family member quite obviously unleashes a torrent of emotions within that close structure. It could be the breadwinner, the nurturer or, in the most painful context, a child that’s yet to reach their full potential. However, in some instances, the loss of a pet can be something that delivers a… Read More »

The Neverending Effort to Iron Out the Wrinkles of Aging

The process of human aging is something that can only be superficially blunted through actions like undergoing plastic surgery or receiving injections of steroids or some other growth hormones. The former almost always requires multiple surgeries to sustain the representation of youth, while the latter can often be dangerous for the men who choose this… Read More »