Applied Psychoanalysis

Entitlement Rarely Brings Fulfillment

An individual who suffers from entitlement syndrome is generally considered to have narcissistic tendencies. However, there are distinct differences related to how such a person runs their life. Those narcissists may be more focused on superficial aspects or areas connected to vanity, while someone with an exaggerated sense of entitlement expects and sometimes demands things… Read More »

PTSD Spans Far Beyond War Wounds

The struggles that individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder deal with on a daily basis can be both debilitating and potentially lethal. While the general public generally narrows such concerns to returning soldiers who suffer from the effects of fighting in a war, the issue can develop from countless issues that take place far from… Read More »

The Mother and Daughter-in-Law Conflict

Merging two families through marriage brings with it a dynamic that resulted in the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, focusing on the husband’s dilemmas dealing with the wife and how it affects her mother. However, the relationship between a mother and her daughter-in-law is an area that is one filled with potential topics worthy of… Read More »

The Continuing Imprint of the Rorschach test

Trying to uncover secrets that lie within an individual’s mind is the job of psychoanalysts, with their ultimate assessment based on the comments and attitudes expressed by the person under the psychological microscope. According to Patrick Mahony, different methods have been used over the years; with the Rorschach test one of the more famous and… Read More »