Applied Psychoanalysis

The Protective Cover of Failure

Striving to be the best one can be the standard approach most individuals take in their daily lives. However, when the burdens of expectations reach a point where they overwhelm a person, some choose to fail on purpose in order to relieve themselves from that pressure. This aspect of psychoanalysis isn’t one that has a… Read More »


Patrick Mahony – Dreaming is something that every human being does when they’re in the deepest throes of sleep. Depending on the individual psyche of a person, the subject of that dream can vary, but Sigmund Freud believed that it was a way of allowing something that person was repressing to come forth.   Due… Read More »

Psychoanalysis and Science-Fiction

Beyond the academic notions of psychoanalysis, Patrick Mahony endeavors to explore the underlying affective motivations in storytelling and the process of creating mythology in science-fiction. In the early 20th century, the relationship to the “self” evolved from the philosophical considerations of Descartes, Kant and the likes, so did human fascination with the future and things… Read More »