The Receding Nature of Sibling Relationships

The connection between siblings is one that’s tethered from the outset by the simple fact that they presumably live together within the same household. Unless the relationship becomes so fractured that they can’t co-exist during those early years, this is the usual framework that lasts until one or both of them reach adulthood. At that… Read More »

The Corrosive Destruction of Compulsive Gambling

The affliction of compulsive gambling is one that’s not brought on by debilitating physical pain, yet the emotions involved are just as destructive as cancer or any other terminal disease. That’s because this continuing problem has led to ruined lives and the breakup of marriages and families for countless generations. The direct cause of the… Read More »

The Fluctuating Importance of Business Ethics

Ethics in any aspect of life are important, yet when it comes to the concept of business ethics, the motivations of those in a position to make key decisions can end up affecting so many more people than just themselves. One of the more basic definitions for business ethics is the establishment of trust between… Read More »

The Importance of REM Sleep Isn’t Just a Dream

Individuals that reach the REM stage of sleep become blissfully part of a fantasy world of their own making. Dreams become the byproduct of past experiences, the fear of future circumstances or some interplay between the two, with this state effectively having the ability to purge some of the deepest thoughts from within. While Freud… Read More »

Stereotypes Still Ride in the Comfort Zone

The issue of using stereotypes to define a certain group has always served as a fall-back position for certain facets of society in order to establish a certain comfort zone. There’s no definitive reason why people choose to cling to stereotypes, regardless of whether the concepts were debunked long ago. Yet issues such as racism… Read More »