Getting a Grip on Grief Can Be Tough to Grab

Grief is a painful aspect of life that escapes no one, yet there’s no accepted framework for exactly how long it takes to address all of its ramifications. The first of five stages deals with the shock of learning of the death and often immediately denying that it took place. The form of death can… Read More »

The Battle Against Bullying

The scourge of bullying has been part of society for the better part of forever, yet has gained increasing awareness within the past two decades. The primary reason for that is because attempts at stopping it at its earliest stages have been in place within schools. Something that was once accepted by students, teachers and… Read More »

Parental Discipline Offers No Surefire Answers

The long-held belief that sparing the rod spoils a child has undergone an upheaval over the past few decades. Some contemporary parents who grew up under strict disciplinarians have rejected that concept and focused on an approach that attempts to use reason as one of the major components of controlling their own children’s behavior. Others… Read More »