Psychoanalytic Theory

The Twisting Emotions of a Crush

The idea of a romantic crush has been the basis for numerous storylines in movies and on television. In part, that stems from the belief that the individual with the crush is an underdog in their quest to achieve love and happiness. While most might attribute this phenomenon to teenagers looking to have their first… Read More »

Putting a Stop to Quitting Can Be Tough

One of the most insulting pejoratives that can be uttered against an individual is to be dubbed a quitter. While many may attribute such aspects only to athletic endeavors, the truth is that it covers the entire realm of human behavior. In some cases, quitting something may not matter to someone’s overall life. After all,… Read More »

Anger on the Road is All the Rage

Getting into a vehicle has always had a certain element of danger to it, given that weather conditions or unforeseen issue can end up causing havoc in some form. However, the past few decades has seen a dramatic rise in the number of road rage cases that often stem from repressed anger being unleashed behind… Read More »

Changing the Color When It Comes to Holiday Blues

The holiday season is one on which an emotional schism can exist between friends and family that often has nothing to do with considerations like gifts or religion. That’s because the level of excitement for these individuals can range from off the charts to non-existent, with the basis of that feeling stemming from both personal… Read More »

The Campaign in Office Politics

In the business world, the constant jockeying for position within a company’s hierarchy can be fueled by any number of motivations. The politics of such approaches guarantees that bruised egos will eventually result in some fashion. That can lead to bitter feelings and possible departure to another firm in search of greater recognition. The concept… Read More »