Sigmund Freud

The Worrisome Concerns Related to Hypochondria

When it comes to dealing with the symptoms of illness, the level of concern ranges from those who ignore obvious signs of danger to those who anguish over the slightest of pain. In some cases, that pain may not even exist and forms the basis for someone that’s afflicted with hypochondria. Patrick Mahony, a psychoanalyst… Read More »

The Positive Channels of Sublimation

Displaying the ability to repel impulses that an individual knows to be harmful is considered a victory in the world of psychoanalysis. Known as sublimation, it has connections to other considerations such as repression and regression, but a major difference exists in this case. With repression and regression, strict avoidance of the issue at hand… Read More »

Quotes from Sigmund Freud

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy. Religion is an illusion and it derives its strength from the fact that it falls in with our instinctual desires. Children are completely egoistic; they feel their needs intensely and strive ruthlessly to satisfy them. A man who has been the indisputable favorite of… Read More »

Case Studies – Dora & Rat Man

When it comes to teaching many subjects, the use of case studies is a component of the entire process. That’s because of the belief that an individual seeking to further their knowledge learns more from a clear example than a drier approach that simply emphasizes the bedrock principles which support the foundation of a principle.… Read More »

Patrick Mahony & Freud’s Dora

Patrick Mahony wrote a case of the patient whom Freud immortalized as Dora.  In this book Patrick Mahony claims that this case study is not a model of treatment but more an exhibition of the therapeutic significance of dreams. Combining psychoanalytic, historical and textual approches, Patrick Mahony give a fresh look at this famous case.  Patrick Mahony also… Read More »