Sigmund Freud

Patrick Mahony said Freud As A Writer

Patrick Mahony’s focus on Freud’s writing provides a long-needed corrective to the theoretical commentaries that dominate the psychoanalytic literature. This book is a fascinating study on the literary structure of Freud’s writing. The perceptive analysis of Freudian texts by Patrick Mahony supports his provocative thesis that the master’s rhetorical stance and literary style are deeply implicated… Read More »

Patrick Mahony published Freud and the Rat Man

Rat man was the nickname given by Sigmund Freud to a patient. The nickname derives from the fact that the patient developed a series of obsessive fantasies in which, in Freud’s words, “rats had acquired a series of symbolic meanings, to which…fresh ones were continually being added” The current work is one of a series… Read More »