The Corrosive Destruction of Compulsive Gambling

By | April 12, 2017

The affliction of compulsive gambling is one that’s not brought on by debilitating physical pain, yet the emotions involved are just as destructive as cancer or any other terminal disease. That’s because this continuing problem has led to ruined lives and the breakup of marriages and families for countless generations.

The direct cause of the problem is basically rooted in the inability to stop gambling, regardless of the ability to pay off any losses. It can focus on casino-oriented options, sports matchups or anything that involves a dynamic in which either a win or less is the direct result.

Corrosive Destruction Compulsive Gambling

While adults make up the bulk of this sad group, psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony knows that there’s really no demographic that’s spared from the dangers this disease brings. Successful professionals can be just as vulnerable as blue collar individuals, just as the concept of a female addicted to gambling certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

The origins of this compulsion can be as simple as boredom and the need for a rooting interest, one reason why televised sporting events tend to see heavy wagers placed on both teams that compete. Some individuals gamble for the first time and succeed, which leads them to believe that such circumstances will continue. However, when losing takes hold, the need to get financially even again often overtakes those afflicted.

Some that become addicted to games of chance or lotteries firmly believe that they’ll eventually win, even if such odds are astronomical. In Patrick Mahony’s mind, the saddest group in this sector are those already are addicted to something else, such as alcohol or drugs. In such cases, a collective weakness in avoiding addiction and seeking quick rewards are due to an overload of dopamine within the brain.