The Neverending Effort to Iron Out the Wrinkles of Aging

By | April 24, 2017

The process of human aging is something that can only be superficially blunted through actions like undergoing plastic surgery or receiving injections of steroids or some other growth hormones. The former almost always requires multiple surgeries to sustain the representation of youth, while the latter can often be dangerous for the men who choose this method, even in the most clinical of situations.

effort iron out wrinkles aging

In each case, the insecurities of aging end up overwhelming the specific individual, offering them a virtual fountain of youth that will again eventually dry up. Psychoanalyst Patrick Mahnoy knows that the reasons can be simply aesthetic in order to ward off the possibility of dissolving into bouts of depression, or it can be the byproduct of a failed relationship involving an older couple. In the case of steroids, it can be a way to falsely instill an appearance of vitality.

Another example of the reasons behind plastic surgery as an option has become much more prevalent over the past few decades. That’s related to older employees for a company that fear they could be pushed out of their job by a younger and less expensive co-worker. While the prospect of age discrimination continues to be a concern, Patrick Mahony believes that the reality is that employees with a much higher level of skills will always be in demand in any workplace.

Such individuals or those in strong relationships have less need to consider the purported benefits from either plastic surgery or steroids. They’re comfortable with growing older, realizing that any changes of that magnitude can usually be detected quickly by most people, especially family and friends. Such simple approaches to having more vibrant skin can come through basic steps like staying out of the sun or drinking a good supply of water every day.