Pain Over a Pet’s Death Can Twist Emotions

By | May 15, 2017

The death of an immediate family member quite obviously unleashes a torrent of emotions within that close structure. It could be the breadwinner, the nurturer or, in the most painful context, a child that’s yet to reach their full potential. However, in some instances, the loss of a pet can be something that delivers a painful blow to all human members of a family.

The reason that a pet’s death sometimes evoke something similar in nature to their human counterpart is that this animal has worked its way into the heart of all involved. In most cases, the pet in question is either a dog or cat, primarily because they tend to be someone that undoubtedly requires much more attention than a goldfish or parakeet.

pet death pain

When it comes to a dog, psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony knows that bonding with it can develop during daily walks, quiet moments or trips to the local vet. The adage that’s used in many professions to indicate their cut-throat nature states that the only way to develop a friendship is to get a dog. That’s a testament to the loyalty and non-judgmental approach that dogs take to their owners and other family members.

The same holds true with cats, which tend to be lower maintenance than dogs. In addition, Patrick Mahony knows that their quiet meows are a stark contrast to the sleep-interrupting barks that erupt from canines.

Horses and cows could fit this structure as well, though the pain tends to be limited to adults. In the case of dogs, one seemingly time-tested way that parents attempt to shield their children from their death is to say that the dog was given to a farmer in another part of the state. Some of those children only find out the truth as adults.