Patrick Mahony published Freud and the Rat Man

By | June 18, 2014

Rat man was the nickname given by Sigmund Freud to a patient. The nickname derives from the fact that the patient developed a series of obsessive fantasies in which, in Freud’s words, “rats had acquired a series of symbolic meanings, to which…fresh ones were continually being added”

The current work is one of a series in which Patrick Mahony, a writer and psychoanalyst, draws on a broad range of source material to trace the links between the patient’s life, Freud’s treatment, his clinical notes, and his eventual narrative account.

In Freud and the Rat Man, Patrick Mahony picks up the case from the moment Ernst Lanzer left Freud’s office for the last time. Patrick Mahony poured through Freud’s archives and traveled to Austria to look up long lost records that enable him to piece together the final years of Lanzer’s life.