Insight on Psychoanalysis

By | October 23, 2015

Patrick Mahony

Along the years, Patrick Mahony clearly established himself as one of main researchers on psychoanalysis. The following article is a global overview of the subject.

Psychoanalysis is a branch of professional psychology with a distinctive body of knowledge as well as methods of treatment. Psychoanalytical theories of personality feature human development, normal behavior, abnormal behavior, social behavior and artistic functioning. Its purview includes conscious and unconscious processes as well as cognitive processes.
Psychoanalysis accomplishes this by employing interventions, such as dream interpretation, focus on free association and evaluation of the therapist-patient correlation, to realize an effective individual character transformation. Currently, psychoanalytic intervention techniques have been developed to produce short-term treatments, group therapy, family and marital therapy as well as milieu therapy. All these therapies used by distinguished specialists in this profession, like Patrick Mahony, apply the unique features of the psychoanalytic theory related to personality development.

Advanced Scientific Psychoanalysis

The specialist training in psychoanalysis postdoctoral is intensive and normally stretches out for a couple of years. It is conducted exclusively in training institutions formed for this study, and the usual contents imparted are pretty wide and comprehensive.

They include seminars and courses in focusing on the theory of formation in psychoanalysis and the explicit contents of the various personality theories. The most traditional is the Freudian theory and the British object relations. Others include contemporary theories related to self-construction and its disorders, and the ego psychology that focuses on patterns of normal growth.

Experts, such as Patrick Mahony, teach students the various methods of intensive psychoanalysis. They are later taken through specialized seminars focusing on dream interpretation. Other areas covered in the postdoctoral course include transference, counter-transference and the distinctive challenges posed by the psychoanalytic disorders. The course also pays extra attention to the analytic theories of sexuality and gender, a field where Patrick Mahony is very proficient.

Parameters Defining Professional Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalytic studies include a focus on contemporary controversies that are in this specialty. It also focuses on completion of supervision as well as a personal training scrutiny that offers a rich knowledge relating to the use of the psychologist’s self as a tool for the assignment to be completed.