Patrick Mahony’s book about Psychoanalysis and Discourse

By | August 5, 2014

Patrick Mahony first explains the significance of translation as a critical concept in psychoanalysis. Patrick Mahony proceeds to a comprehensive examination of the boundaries of Free Association. Patrick Mahony then begins a detailed study of certain aspects of the text of Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams and of issues involved in the oral reporting of dreams. Finally, the author shows how his ideas can illuminate literary classics (by Villon, Shakespeare, Kafka, and Jonson)

The aim of Patrick Mahony in the following book is to present some of his reflections on the ever more timely topic of pyschoanalysis and discourse.  The book is divided into two parts :

  1. Discourse and the clinical context
  2. Non-clinical discourse and psychoanalysis

Finally, the thirteenth chapter grapples with the much debated question in both English and French circles, the particularity of women’s discourse and literature within the framework of natural or cultural determinants.