The Reflecting Nature of Narcissism

By | May 28, 2016

Love of one’s self is the cornerstone of a happy life, though other determinants will ultimately factor into that life. Those that possess this trait can usually broaden the scope of that love from formative years into adulthood. During that span, the ability to include other human beings or at least project such feelings usually materializes.

However, psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony has found that in the case of a narcissistic personality, self-love enters a different stratosphere. That’s because the wants and needs of that individual become paramount to any enjoyment attained.

Patrick Mahony - Narcissism

Within the framework of this trait, those who are considered primary narcissists are those children. Adults who display those behaviors present what appears to be an emotionally stunted representation of themselves.

In most cases with regard to those adults, an elevated degree of selfishness is often perceived by others. Patrick Mahony has seen this take the form of individuals who care little about anything that doesn’t help gratify their desires, whatever form that takes, branching into secondary narcissism.

Here, those who have developed tendencies that focus on their own individual brilliance, whether warranted or not, are deemed to be cerebral narcissists. Any achievements that come from their skills are magnified in order to make sure that the individual’s ego is fully satisfied.

When it comes to narcissists of a somatic nature, these are more related to the classical sense of Greek mythology, where the term took form from the actions of Narcissus. Here, superficial factors such as individual beauty or body type drive the interactions with others, most often manifesting in the idea of frequent sex with different partners.

This trait has actually become a relevant issue in the 2016 American presidential race, given the actions of the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Some psychoanalysts have noted the jarring connection Trump has displayed in regard to the symptoms of this trait.

Those actions include freely exaggerating or simply lying, along with a penchant for controversial remarks has garnered him much attention as he seeks the world’s most powerful job. A sense of superiority, coupled with anger over losses and the use or envy of other also receives check marks in a Trump personality profile.

Trump is only the latest in a long line of narcissistic personalities, yet Patrick Mahony and others are watching to see if such traits will put him in a position of untold power.