Psychoanalytic Theory & Film

By | July 7, 2016

¬†Psychoanalysis was developted by Sigmund Freund and his followers in 1890’s

It’s a set of philisophical descriptions of human nature and a method of psychotherapy development that focus on uncouscious factors that motivate behavior and encourages the use of transference as a way for therapist to gain information and create connections between clients and themselves.

Psychoanalysis asserts that the impact of early childhood sexuality and experiences, stored in the unconscious, can lead to the developement of adult emotional problems.

Freud believed that the majority of what we experience in our lives, the underlying emotions, feelings, impulses and beliefs are not available to us at a conscious level.

Psychoanalytical film theory :

The film screen serves as a mirror through which the spectator can identify himself or herself as a coherent and omnipotent ego. The sense of power that spectatorship provides derives from the spectator’s primary identification with the camera itself.

How do we identify with the caracters on the screen and how much do we understand ourselves and sympathise with the characters.