Psychotherapy vs. Psychoanalysis


Psychotherapy vs. Psychoanalysis

Psychotherapy focus on relationships to others and restore a person’s relationship to society and social norms.
Psychoanalysis focus on relationship to oneself and restore a person’s relationship to their sexuality.

Psychotherapy works with:

  • Relationships to others (child, parent, friend, partner,etc)
  • Social and work responsibilities
  • Thoughts, behaviors and feelings

Psychoanalysis works with:

  • Symptoms
  • Dreams, Slips
  • Fantasies, Artwork, Humor
  • Actions, Behaviors

Which one is better ?

  • Neither is better or worse, they are just different
  • Not everyone is ready to do the work required in psychoanalysis
  • Psychoanalysis aims at a radical change in life
  • Psychotherapy aims at symptom reduction and better coping
  • Psychoanalysis aims at symptom understanding and ownership