The Pull of Sisterhood is a Strong One

By | August 2, 2016

The connection that sisters have with each other is a bond that offers some intrigue to psychoanalysts. That’s because a number of the gender issues that mark such relationships don’t translate when it comes to brothers with similar tight connections.


For example going shopping together, sharing recipes or simply displaying a greater sense of family appear to be more prevalent when it comes to sisters. That’s not to say that brothers don’t take the time to share activities or display familial love, just that the road that’s taken in the latter instance is one that often is done in more subtle fashion.

Siblings will share their feelings with their respective gender, but may be more reluctant to do the same thing with the opposite side according to psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony. Breakups elicit countless emotions, but with sisters, the visceral pain felt by those particular circumstances doesn’t quite resonate as deeply when it comes to brothers.

Brothers have usually been trained to effectively practice repression when it comes to dealing with topics that have at least a tinge of emotion connected to them. The concept of “taking it like a man” usually helps reinforce such a mindset, especially as individuals become older.

Two areas where brothers definitely have no defining bond are in the areas of pregnancy and what are usually defined as “women’s problems.” Patrick Mahony has seen the impact that the various forms of pain in regard to these concerns have when it comes to the empathy between sisters and knows that gaining a greater understanding of that pain simply isn’t possible between brothers or the other gender.

The concept of sibling rivalry is still a component that sisters deal with when growing up, but is something that often fades away as the number of shared experiences increases and the maturity of both individuals expands.

Talks about those experiences tend to be more personal in nature, as opposed to conversations between brothers talking about more mundane topics. In short, the ability to reach the heart more often strengthens that overall bond.