The Receding Nature of Sibling Relationships

By | April 17, 2017

The connection between siblings is one that’s tethered from the outset by the simple fact that they presumably live together within the same household. Unless the relationship becomes so fractured that they can’t co-exist during those early years, this is the usual framework that lasts until one or both of them reach adulthood.

At that point, the bond will either ease somewhat or is completely loosened. In the latter instances, geographical displacement can serve as the reason, which could be based on employment or other circumstances. Regardless of that basis, that once-close connection can slowly become more distant due to added responsibilities that may include the creation of new family dynamics that take precedence.

Sibling Relationships receding nature

Of course, much like the biblical tale of Cain and Abel, family feuds can also end up rupturing sibling relations to the point where no attempt at any communication is made. Psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony has seen such family dramas play out during the course of his practice and knows that there can be different triggers that implement such actions.

In some cases, old wounds that have festered for years and never directly addressed could be the cause. That resulting bitterness is driven home by simple avoidance of any communication channels that might connect those siblings or the refusal to listen to other family members who may seek to repair the relationship. Patrick Mahony knows that such fruitless endeavors are a stiff challenge for any family to overcome.

In 2016, this played out against the backdrop of the bitter political campaigns waged with both the Brexit vote and the American presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Family schisms were played out, with such drastic steps most likely having a deeper reason that begs to be explored more fully by professionals in the field.