Psychoanalytic Theory & Film

 Psychoanalysis was developted by Sigmund Freund and his followers in 1890’s It’s a set of philisophical descriptions of human nature and a method of psychotherapy development that focus on uncouscious factors that motivate behavior and encourages the use of transference as a way for therapist to gain information and create connections between clients and themselves.… Read More »

Learning to Be

What Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science say about Happiness and Well-Being If you feel that despite an increase in material conforts you could do with more happiness and well-being in your life, this learning module is for you. Discover what ancient wisdom and modern science have to say about becoming happier and enhance your well-being.… Read More »

Psychodynamic Theory and Therapy

Theory of Motivation The Constancy principle States that the aim of the psychic apparatus is to keep stimulation to near zero if at all possible Affect theory The psychic quantity that the constancy principle regulated (required to discharge) were the affects Drive Theory Drive is an energy source Activates the psychic apparatus Determines humanity’s essential… Read More »