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Feeling is Believing : Religion Meets Psychoanalysis

The irony of using psychoanalysis to explore what instills the different levels of religious fervor into people is that Sigmund Freud took an atheistic approach when attempting to offer explanations in this realm. Of course, the continuing conflict between science and religion when it comes to determining world history is just one example of this… Read More »

The Reflecting Nature of Narcissism

Love of one’s self is the cornerstone of a happy life, though other determinants will ultimately factor into that life. Those that possess this trait can usually broaden the scope of that love from formative years into adulthood. During that span, the ability to include other human beings or at least project such feelings usually… Read More »

Psychoanalysis and Science-Fiction

Beyond the academic notions of psychoanalysis, Patrick Mahony endeavors to explore the underlying affective motivations in storytelling and the process of creating mythology in science-fiction. In the early 20th century, the relationship to the “self” evolved from the philosophical considerations of Descartes, Kant and the likes, so did human fascination with the future and things… Read More »