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The Shaded Truths of White Lies

On the surface, a white lie is something that often goes unchallenged or ignored due to the insignificance of the statement. However, those individuals who develop a habit of constantly shading the truth by invoking a white lie to enhance a story or simply advance their motives are a perpetual source of fascination to the… Read More »

Avoiding anxiety

Anxiety in whatever form it takes is something that any individual seeks to avoid, which is why the study of defense mechanisms in relation to psychoanalysis has been an ongoing project for more than a century. Having extensive studied of their work, psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony is aware that both Sigmund Freud and his daughter Anna… Read More »

The power of denial

  The power of denial when it comes to psychoanalysis is something that can lengthen the period of time it takes to discover what’s behind the protective wall that a patient has put up between them and their analyst. However, noted psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony has discovered that it was Sigmund Freud himself that sometimes embraced… Read More »