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Insight on Psychoanalysis

Along the years, Patrick Mahony clearly established himself as one of main researchers on psychoanalysis. The following article is a global overview of the subject. Psychoanalysis is a branch of professional psychology with a distinctive body of knowledge as well as methods of treatment. Psychoanalytical theories of personality feature human development, normal behavior, abnormal behavior,… Read More »

Patrick Mahony wrote Non-clinical discourse and psychoanalysis

Freud, of all contemporaries, is the one with the greatest cultural influence on the twentieth century. As psychoanalysts, we are both tremendously privileged and burdened that the founder of our discipline was such a towering figure—privileged, because if he were a lesser spirit, psychoanalysis would hardly be so widespread as it is today, and many of us would not… Read More »

Patrick Mahony & Freud’s Dora

Patrick Mahony wrote a case of the patient whom Freud immortalized as Dora.  In this book Patrick Mahony claims that this case study is not a model of treatment but more an exhibition of the therapeutic significance of dreams. Combining psychoanalytic, historical and textual approches, Patrick Mahony give a fresh look at this famous case.  Patrick Mahony also… Read More »

Patrick Mahony’s book about Psychoanalysis and Discourse

Patrick Mahony first explains the significance of translation as a critical concept in psychoanalysis. Patrick Mahony proceeds to a comprehensive examination of the boundaries of Free Association. Patrick Mahony then begins a detailed study of certain aspects of the text of Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams and of issues involved in the oral reporting of dreams. Finally, the author shows… Read More »