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Case Studies – Dora & Rat Man

When it comes to teaching many subjects, the use of case studies is a component of the entire process. That’s because of the belief that an individual seeking to further their knowledge learns more from a clear example than a drier approach that simply emphasizes the bedrock principles which support the foundation of a principle.… Read More »

Dealing with trauma

Being able to elicit past traumas during psychoanalysis is one of the ways an analyst determines a course of treatment for a patient. Of course, the level of that trauma will likely chart the course of how that patient is treated: the more severe the trauma, the greater likelihood that more intensive approaches are crafted.… Read More »

Psychoanalytic : Sexual connection

Despite the fact that there are so many facets of psychoanalysis to explore, as well as different practitioners than Sigmund Freud, the concept of sex and how its connection to the thoughts and actions of an individual remains the most popular component of the theory. Freud was famous for linking actions to some sexual connection,… Read More »