The Ties That Bind Grandparents and Grandchildren

By | October 24, 2016

Despite the vast differences in their ages, the bond between a grandparent and grandchildren is one that’s usually cemented in the formative years of the latter demographic. That’s primarily due to a child knowing no other feeling than love from those much older family members.


By the same token, the grandparent’s role serves as a supplement to parental love and can be greatly expanded in some cases. Such relationships can also be virtually non-existent, either due to living situations or conflict between a parent and their own parents. Still, the vast number of communication options available today can considerably reduce distances that prevent interaction.

Patrick Mahony, a specialist in the field of psychoanalysis, is aware of the evolution of a grandparent from one to be feared for getting out of line into one now more comfortable in sparing the rod. Also, in the past, changing social conventions were often hard to grasp for grandparents, which sometimes led to conflict with their more contemporary grandchildren.

Within the past few years, research has found that this specific relationship helps ward off certain aspects related to depression. The grandparent, with a lifetime worth of perspective on the world at large, can often confidently offer a grandchild cogent advice. That helps avoid one of the pitfalls of aging-the notion that they aren’t needed anymore. For the youth, such advice helps allow them to better understand the many twists and turns that come in everyday life.

The adage of using it or losing it is something that Patrick Mahony has detected in many of the grandparents he’s been able to research. Rather than stereotypically sit on a park bench and live out their years, they have a more active role raising a grandchild that allows their brain activity to flourish.